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Thor Costume: Hit of 2013
With the success of the Spiderman, Iron Man, and Hulk films, Marvel has decided to continue their comic to film adaptations with the new upcoming action flick Thor. The film which is slated for a May 6th, 2011 release date is centered around Thor, the arrogant Norse god of Thunder. Chris Hemsworth will be brandishing Thor’s legendary hammers as Thor himself. Tom Hiddleston will play Loki, Thor’s evil adoptive brother. Natalie Portman will play Thor’s human love interest, Jane Foster. And Anthony Hopkins will be playing Odin, the ruler of Asgard.

Marvel will likely stay true to what has made their other films so successful. That includes over-the-top action sequences, beautiful women, and most importantly, cool outfits. If this past Halloween has proven anything, it is that kids and adults want costumes that come from these over-the-top action flicks. Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman, all of these costumes have been top sellers. That’s why there is no doubt that Thor Costumes will be the hit of Halloween 2011.

Welcome to ThorCostume.Us, the web’s number one spot for finding Thor costumes and gear that allow you to live out your God of Thunder fantasies in style! This website allows you to transform into the God of Thunder and amaze all of your friends with your immortal skills!

Thor, the God of Thunder – he is definitely not the guy to mess around with!  Dressing up like Thor will bring a shower of Odin’s blessings upon you.  Well maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but you will love the Thor costumes that are on today’s market. Finding a Thor costume is not a problem since this film was ultra popular and has a lot of diehard fans around the world. Thor already had a following from his Marvel Comics gig and now he is a mega star!

Both kids and adults like to dress up as Thor, and there’s no small wonder why.  After all, he is super handsome and super powerful.  Most Thor costumes come with a body armor body suit for keeping Thor safe in battle (although he is immortal and therefore impervious to most would-be assassins), and an authentic headpiece which is again, meant to look like armor.  The headpiece also serves as a way to intimidate his enemies, since it makes Thor take on a ferocious look. Most Thor costumes are equipped with padding that is meant to look like muscles, which is a good thing since most of us immortals don’t get a chance to pump iron with the gods, unlike Thor, who can bench press and sculpt his days away while being waited on hand and foot!  The costume is usually outfitted with a cape but does not likely come with an all-important piece of attire that makes a Thor costume most believable! The Thor hammer!

Typically, you will need to buy Thor’s hammer separate when buying your Thor costume.  Remember – whoever holds the hammer, if he “be worthy”, possesses the power of Thor! The hammer is usually plastic for safety’s sake and is usually sold by the same retailers that carry Thor costumes.

The look of the Thor movie costume is a combination of Lord of the Rings and Star Trek, a beautiful combination of new and old styling. Probably the most important aspect about the Thor costume is Thor’s weapons of choice, his hammers. None of the Thor costumes will be complete without them. The legendary hammers have the power of summoning Thunder and Lightning. Obviously, no Thor Halloween Costume will offer this added feature. But a Thor without Hammers is like a Batman with no utility belt.

So, if you really want the Best Thor Costume, Hammers and all, then you need to look no further than ThorCostume.us, an online retailer of the Thor Halloween Costume. Not only can you get the Best Thor Costume available, but they also offer the Adult Thor Costume, Sexy Thor Costume, and even the Thor Costume for Kids. So whether you are looking for a costume for yourself, your loved one, or your children, ThorCostume.us will have exactly what you are looking for.

When May 6th, 2011 rolls around, make sure to see Thor. After seeing the highly anticipated film, you will more than likely understand why it is projected that the Thor costume will be 2011’s biggest seller. So don’t procrastinate, get going and order an Adult Thor Costume, a Sexy Thor Costume, and don’t forget a Thor Costume for kids. You better hurry up and get your Thor movie costume before he summons Thunder and Lightning!

To become or idolize a superhero is every child’s dream and it is very much natural. Every child cherishes being a superhero or like him whom he / she admires the most and naturally tries to dress up like him / her on special occasions or functions like Halloween. The very first thing that attracts a child to a superhero is his unusual costume and larger than life image. Being magnificent is a virtue to which a child is quickly attracted to and not to miss the attention and admiration one gets when he / she is dressed in a costume that very much resembles his / her superhero.

Comics are one single source of information on superhero that first gets to a child displaying his physical features and that unconventional attire which he / she is dressed into. With many movies also presenting the superheroes in mind boggling action, the child is more enticed to have a garb like his superhero and perform some action. In the recent years all sorts of ancient heroes have been making it to the silver screen and that too with huge rate of success. Thor, the magnanimous hammer wielding God of Thunder, is a recent and thunderous entrant into the list of superheroes. The Thor Halloween costume has become the first choice for Halloween for obvious reasons.

The first impression of Thor, being the God of Thunder, itself makes it big with children and the added bonus of a designer hammer as his weapon. With the news spreading like wildfire, it is very logical to have demand for Thor costume rear its head up in no time. Just to be in sync many shops have setup online stores that cater to this demand. The online store is quite capable enough to display various designs and accessories pertaining to the Thor costumes and purchasing that aptly fits your child won’t be a daunting task after all.

Dress up like a Norse god with Thor Costume

Have you ever wanted to be Thor, the Norse God of thunder and war? He is the most powerful mythical Norse God, so it is one of the ideal choices for any Halloween party or special event where you need to dress up. This is a Halloween theme that will definitely result in thunderous applause.

The success of the Hulk, Spiderman and Iron Man movies, has convinced Marvel to continue their comic book film adaptations with the new upcoming super-hero film Thor. This also means that Thor costumes will become hot this season, especially with Chris Hemsworth playing Thor. The costume usually has a high quality complete suit, with faux details and convincing armor. Costume sets always feature a red cape that you can detach, and extremely well crafted winged helmet that emulates the look of Thor in the movie.

However, you cannot forget about his hammer. If you have seen the comics or viewed the new movie trailer, you know that without his hammer, he does not have any powers. But, when he has his hammer Mjolnir, he becomes the super hero Thor. So, always make sure you outfit your costume with the hammer. It is generally made of materials that imitate stone with Norse details along it, featuring a wrist strap so you can’t lose it when swinging it at your enemies.

You can now step into your favorite comic book character with a Thor costume. You can get both child and adult Thor costumes which are perfect for costume parties with a superhero theme or for Halloween.

With all the wardrobe changes Thor has seen across the years, and the never-ending alternate universe storyline it is very hard to choose the perfect costume, but, if it was Halloween and you would have the opportunity to wear a Marvel costume of course, then it would have to be the Thor costume!

Get a Thor costume for any special event

People who love to enjoy themselves on special occasion, with costumes, have been waiting for something new for a while. And now, with the Thor Halloween costume coming up fresh from the movie theaters, everybody wants to get their hands on one! The newly launched motion picture is out to set the rules of the fantasy genre and get everybody involved in the fantastic story line and it’s endless dressing up possibilities.

Created on the mythical Norse legend Thor, the new movie launched by Marvel studios features the Germanic hero in the latest action packed adventure of the Comics Universe. The main character and the hero is a mighty warrior and powerful, who’s downfall is his unmeasured arrogance. This epic adventure expands in the whole universe including to the mythical realm of Asgard. Due to his arrogance the powerful Thor is thrown down to Earth and forced to live among humans as a punishment for his defiance.

Halloween or festive occasions only roll once each year. It is essential to have the right costume to go along with these events. Fortunately there are many places available today, where you can shop around for fun and exciting adult and child Halloween costumes to suit your personality and style. The truth is, you don’t even need to leave your house in order to find this types of costumes these days. The quickness and mobility of online shops have vastly expanded the reach and you can buy a complete Thor costume instantly, without even getting up from your chair.

So why wait anymore? With Halloween just around the corner and all the preparations, all you need is another thing to worry about getting. A Thor costume will turn you into the same Nordic superhero that came to Earth smiling.

Accessorizing Your Thor Costume

Accessorizing your Thor costume is a simple matter – and can really add an air of authenticity to your costume. Of course, a must-have Thor accessory is a Thor hammer that youc carry along with you. This hammer has the unusually large and scary-looking head and will definitely give other trick-or-treaters or party-goers pause before they try to take your candy! Don’t worry, parents. There is also a Thor soft hammer for your costume that will put an end to fears that your little Thor will club the neighborhood kids silly!  You can also add a Thor helmet complete with savage looking ‘ears’ to your ensemble to give yourself an even more intimidating look.

The Right Fit for Your Thor Costume

Just because Thor has enhanced endurance and superhuman powers that allow him to life one-hundred tons without breaking a sweat – doesn’t mean that Thor wants to be uncomfortable. That’s why it is important that you measure yourself or your child before ordering your Thor costume, making sure to take your weight and height into account, and measuring the chest, waist, hips and torso for fit, per the size chart for the costume you want to buy. Another important measure for your Thor costume is your inseam, which is measured from the seat of the pants on the inner leg to the hem.

Find a Thor costume for a great Halloween

Are you a fan of the Marvel Comics action heroes? Then how about you find an original character to dress up as this Halloween? The best choice for this event would surely be a Thor costume to complement your personality and need for action.

Thor is a god that was idolized by the ancient Germans. Thor’s well built physique makes this costume for Halloween an excellent choice for anyone who is big and muscular. However, you can always get a costume with fake muscles if your arms tend to be smaller than those of a professional wrestler.

Thor costumes have become classical favourites amongst all ages for many years especially among the children and the younger generation who want to assume the personality of a legendary character and enjoy their moments at parties or memorable events. Even the adults love to attire themselves with Thor costumes equipped with the hammer and keep those fun moments going. You can select from a remarkably wide range of Thor Costumes for Halloween or any other occasion and enjoy being a superhero in your very own costume.

To have a better impact, you need to make sure you buy a large hammer that will complement your look. You can make a hammer from some lightweight foam if you cannot find one that is light enough to carry around for the whole evening. If that’s the case, just paint the homemade hammer black or dark gray and remember to use a loud, resonating voice every time you speak during  the evening. Also, speak in as low of a voice as you can and demand respect from those around you; because, after all, you are a god.

This is pretty much all you need to make a convincing super hero or an ancient god, for that matter. A Thor costume speaks for itself and does not require a lot of accessories or extra explanations. Everybody will know who you are, the moment you walk in the door.

6th may 2011 yet another action hero were added in the list of super heroes. Spiderman, Iron man, Hulk, and now there is one more super hero Thor. Marvel has updated his comic films with the latest addition of Thor.

The whole look of the Thor movie is the great combo of Lord of the rings and star Trek it is a great fusion of the new and the old styling which is presented in a very attractive and a very beautiful manner. With Thor the costumes of Thor have also become equally famous among the kids as well as the adults who are appealed by the Thor concept.

There are so many things in a Thor costume the head gear, the weapons, the overall costume. To get them all in one place is a difficult thing and to find them out in different places that is again a very difficult task. So to make things easy for you we came up with a web site which we have completely dedicated to the Thor related things. Here you will find everything which is related to Thor costume in just one place. Moreover you will find all different kind of costumes as well as in different sizes. So if you are looking for a Thor costume for any of your upcoming costume or a theme party then here is the site which is available for your convenience. You don’t have to go anywhere to buy Thor costume all you have to do is place the order as per your need and requirement and we will ship the order at your place you don’t even have to go places for searching costume and other things related to the costume.

Halloween is up next so have you planned your theme party costume as yet?? If not then what are you waiting for a perfect, attractive and a very beautiful costume which will make you look and feel powerful is here so pick up your Thor costume today and enjoy the party season. Happy shopping!!

Exude the power of the gods – The Thor

Thor is a well-known marvel character, especially since the release of “Thor”, the movie.  The name Thor was not only mentioned in comic books, but also you would find him in many books of literature.  He is portrayed as the thunder god both arrogant but powerful.  Exiled by his father, he was banished to Earth to live among humans until he learns his place in life.

This badass attitude of Thor has been a great attraction to many.  Ladies want to be with him and men want to be him.  That can happen for our young men today by getting some Thor costumes.  Be that manly and steaming hot god in Halloween and you can attract more looks than you will get with a regular old costume.

Nothing is manlier than armor wrapped around rippling pectorals and if you got the right body type to pull of Thor costumes, than you will be an instant hit!  Ladies can wear Thor type costumes as well.  As you will see in the movie as well that there are sexy female warriors wearing some Asguard costumes.  They may be a bit on the manly side but with the right body shape and the right costume for you, you will exude the sexiness of any goddess.

There are many changes in culture all over the world and changing the types of costumes is not much of a change in the tradition but it will be a great change to those who wear them. Everyone wants to look great at all times even at Halloween.  Being a sexy Witch is over-rated and the same goes for killer zombies and ghosts.  You can do more for yourself with costumes that are more creative and Thor costumes are more than just creative.  Show off your fine figures or muscles with a warrior’s armor.

The Thor Costume is great for Halloween 2011

Marvel Comic book character, Thor, jumped from the pages of the comic book and on to the big screen in 2011. This Norse mythological character was developed in August of 1962 and has quickly become the newest superhero to cheer for. He was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby as the God of exiled from his homeland to earth to learn humility.
Thor is expected to make two more big screen debuts in the next couple of years which is making him on of the biggest action hero in the limelight right now. With movies like Thor 2 and the Avengers upcoming the crowd is flocking to this hero. So it is no surprise that the Thor costume has become extreme popular.
To have a complete Thor costume you will need everything worn by the God. Thor’s Viking-like helmet is very important to the costume. The second most important piece of the costume is his hammer. The hammer is used to focus Thor’s ability to summon and control the weather and to also fly at supersonic speeds. Another important feature of the costume is the display of his magical belt that gives him enhanced strength and endurance.
The Thor costume is available for all ages and genders. Even though Thor is a man, he is loved by men and women, adults and children and the costume is available for men, women, little girls and little boys. There are several different variations of the costume. The women’s costume possess all the manly display of Thor, but has a cute skirt instead of pants. Some of the men’s costumes have muscle tops that display the strength of Thor through appearance. Variations of the helmet include a open hair headpiece for women and girls and a deluxe helmet for men with extreme details. Thor is the ideal costume for superhero lovers no matter who you are.

Bring the hammer down this Halloween with a lifelike Thor costume. You can get a variety of Thor costumes and all the needed weaponry right here at ThorCostume.us. This Marvel comic super hero has been around for quite some time. His presences has hit center stage recently with the release of the movie Thor. We offer costumes for all ages – adult, teen and toddler. You have your choice of a few different style hammers and even a Sif Sword. Don’t think we forgot about the ladies. We have outfits for the gals and hammers and swords to match. You can leave the house this Halloween a full-fledged family of Thors.

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